Short and sweet…

Whether you study @ Lexis Sydney for one week like Lu-Lana, two weeks like Agnese and Gaia – or 20 weeks for that matter: There’s never enough time when you are enjoying life among some fantastic people. Time has flown for these three students, we are all sad to see you go but happy to have met you. Big THANKS, keep smiling out there.

Welcome to our new students

Meet the latest members of the great international family called Lexis Sydney. Fresh out of Italy, Spain, Turkey, Japan, Thailand and Uruguay Agnese, Gaia, Mireia, Melis, Giuseppe, Yoshihito, Yanisa and Marcos all started studying today. Big WELCOME, please go ahead and make the most of your stay in Manly – in and out of the classroom.

School Excursion Day

Winter in Sydney is the perfect time for a hike! Clear blue sky and sunshine made for a beautiful day today. ☀️

Not only did we see a pod of dolphins but also whales from some lookout points along the trail from Manly to Long Reef. 🐬🐳

It was a great opportunity for our classes to come together and practice lots of English speaking! 💬 Awesome job everyone for that and also for walking all of that way!