Talented Helena

Meet Helena, from Brazil. She’s currently studying in our Elementary class. She is super talented and sells her crafts and desserts at markets around Sydney each weekend.
This Saturday you can go and say hello to her at the Manly Village Public School Market, 8am-4pm, on the Corner of Darley Road and Wentworth Street.

She also sells her crafts online: https://mrslacey.com.au/


Merry Christmas!!

A very Merry Christmas from all of us here at Lexis Sydney to all of you wherever you are in the world. We’re so lucky to have students study with us from all corners of the globe. Thanks to all of our students who studied with us in 2018, we’re looking forward to seeing current students again as well as meeting new students in 2019!

Happy Holidays!

Last Leavers of 2018

Farewell to our last leavers of 2018!

Sanghyun from South Korea, Yuya from Japan, Veronica from Argentina, Celine from Switzerland, Lorenz from Germany and Chansouk from Laos.

Thank you for learning with us and sharing your culture with us. We loved having you in our classrooms and hope you had a wonderful time at Lexis Sydney!

Kayaking Crew

Most people know Manly Beach and Shelly Beach, we can all drive, run, walk or ride there. But did you know that there is a beach in Manly that is only easily accessible by boat, swimming or kayaking? We kayaked our way to Store Beach which is located a 20 minute paddle from Manly Wharf. Eight strong and energetic students were keen to kayak there.  It was an awesome Springtime afternoon activity with swimming, laughs and by the time we got back to the wharf there were also tired arms and hungry bellies. But great memories to always remember!

Shelly Beach Beauty

Only fifteen minutes walk from Lexis school is Manly’s famous Shelly Beach. A fantastic place for walking, running, swimming, playing beach volleyball or snorkeling. It is safe from large ocean waves and a peaceful slice of Manly during the week. And if you don’t mind an energetic atmosphere, it’s still a great place to enjoy at the weekend.  
Our Elementary students sure had an awesome time on our walk and decided to stay the remainder of the afternoon at the beach swimming and chatting in English. 

Foosball Fun

Everyone’s competitive sides came out as the students battled for the winner’s podium. Flo and Claudia won!! They coincidentally named their team ‘The Winners.’ They won bragging rights and also a delicious acai bowl from FreshBlend in Manly. Congratulations!

CAE students enjoying the sun

Following their mock-test our Cambridge class enjoyed a beautiful morning going for a walk, having a picnic and sharing stories and a few laughs (all in English of course)! They worked hard and were lucky enough to be rewarded with some time spent in the sun surrounded by awesome water views.
We wish them luck with the rest of their course!

We love it when you share your photos! If you have photos of your classmates that you would like to share with the Lexis Family please send them to sydneyactivities@lexisenglish.com 

Walk and Talk

What a great way to start the week!

Every Monday, join us as we go for a walk around the beautiful surroundings of Manly and have a chat with your school mates. This week we went along the harbour front of Manly to Fairlight. This path is the beginning of a truly spectacular walking route famous in Sydney; Spit to Manly.

Our Walk and Talk activity is a great opportunity to see other areas in Manly but also to get to know students from other classes.

1:30 – 2:30pm Mondays. Sign up at reception.